What To Consider When Hiring A Mini Digger and Driver

Hiring a mini digger can be an exciting procedure, with the thought of speeding up production with a mechanical vehicle that can weigh over a tonne. But before going ahead with such a big decision, make sure you consider these points to successfully hire a mini digger.

This article by Feltham Grab Hire aims to provide some clarity for those diving into the world of mini diggers. With years of experience in the industry, we offer many services, including mini digger & driver hire. Our experienced operators can aid with the following:

Mini Digger & Excavator Hire Services.

Footings and Drainage

Tree Stump Removal.

Levelling and Grading



Site Clearance


Concrete Breakers

Our prices for hire are extremely competitive, so be sure to contact our friendly team for quotes and enquiries for your whole project. 

Are There Any Utility Services?

When planning any work involving digging, remember that fibre optic communication cables, gas pipes, power cables, water pipes and sewers all run underground – and may be right in the path of your project. It’s vital for safety and ongoing maintenance that these services are located at the planning stage of your project to avoid any nasty or costly surprises during the digging phase. Tools such as cable detectors should be used and ensure you check with the utility companies before you start work.

How Deep?

How deep you need to dig is governed mostly by what you are actually trying to achieve. If you are trying to level a garden or prepare footings for a conservatory your digging needs will be very different to someone building a basement extension or a swimming pool with an eight foot deep end. Contact Feltham Grab Hire for an enquiry for more information.

What About The Excavated Material?

Digging holes displaces the soil (or other materials) and it all needs to go somewhere. You may find that you can place the dug material somewhere else on your site. This can be particularly easy when landscaping, but not always possible or desired on other projects or small plots. Perhaps you can manage with just a waste skip or perhaps you would find it much quicker and easier by hiring a grab truck. These trucks can be loaded with a lot of material at a time and then can be emptied promptly. We also offer a range of Skips for hire, for the removal of materials.

How Long Will It Take?

When you book your hire you will be asked how long you want to hire the mini digger for. This only needs to be an estimate as we never collect machines from site automatically, but obviously the longer you aim to hire it for, the higher the price. It’s a good idea to plan all the elements of your project that require the use of the mini excavator to be done within one time frame. However, it’s not often possible to achieve this, so it’s important to weigh up the difference in costs between sending the machine away to hire it again when it’s needed and keeping it tucked away on site for a day or two until it’s required again.

The weather – now there’s an unknown quantity! Bear in mind that rain, frost and snow will delay your project considerably.

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