Asbestos Fibres

Why is Asbestos Dangerous

Believe it or not asbestos still kills more people than road traffic accidents. The shocking statistics are around 5,000 people per year. This also includes tradespeople who have been exposed to the substance in the past. Asbestos can be found in most building project and refurbishments untaken before early 2000.

Issues Caused by Asbestos

Contact with Asbestos can cause the following, Mesothelioma, Asbestos-related lung cancer, Asbestosis and Pleural thickening.

Mesothelioma is a cancer that attacks the lungs (pleura) lining and the tissue that surrounds the reduced digestive tract (peritoneum). It is almost solely linked with exposure to asbestos and in most cases is deadly when it is diagnosed.

Lung cancer associated with asbestos is the same as lung cancer caused by smoking and other causes.

Asbestosis is a severe pulmonary scar disorder that usually happens over many years after heavy asbestos exposure. This condition may result in shortness of breath and may be fatal in severe cases.

Pleural thickening is usually an issue that occurs after exposure to heavy asbestos. The lung (pleura) lining is thickening and swelling. If this gets worse, it is possible to squeeze the lung itself and trigger shortness of breath and chest pain.

Where Will Find Asbestos

Asbestos is normally found in any pre-2000 industrial and residential construction. You may come across during your job in many of the products used in the construction trade.

Please check the Government website to find out where you might find asbestos.

Identify whether asbestos is present and determine its type and condition

People liable for the maintenance of non-domestic premises, have an obligation to handle the asbestos and should provide you with a report about where and in what condition the Asbestos is in. If there is no data available and you suspect that asbestos may be present, you should have the area surveyed. You should take samples of the material should be taken for analysis.

Please visit the here to find out how to manage any asbestos.

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